Culture and tradition, entertainment and relax

Museums, nature parks and various events in Val Badia

Live and learn about one of the oldest Italian cultures with its sweet and refined sounds of the melodious language ″Ladin″. The uniqueness of this beautiful valley is not only made of the spectacular landscape but also of the tradition and culture of this ancient ethnic minority, the Ladins of the Dolomites.

In bad weather, you may find yourself learning about the history of the cave’s bear at the Museum Ladin Ursus Ladinicus in San Cassiano or at the Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor in San Martino, where you will experience the history, the language, the culture and the archaeology of the Ladins. Alternatively you can acquire new knowledge in environmental issues at the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature park visitor centre or simply walk through the many books of a library, through an exhibition or an art gallery. A vide choice of cultural events, folklore and music provides an insight into everyday life, trade and agriculture. Some examples are day trips to the farm, costume parades, outdoor markets with local products, Val Badia Jazz Festival, concerts by local choirs and many others.

Besides nature’s wonders you can make a stroll through the shops or simply relax in a wellness centre enjoying a beauty treatment.

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